Wilsonville Real Estate Update

Total home sales recently increased overall for our region, yet a new report on greater Wilsonville shows a -20.3% change in the number of home sales compared to the same month last year. In other helpful information, the average market time for a Wilsonville area home to sell is now 106 days, with home prices up 9.6% over the past year.

Wilsonville Homes Wilsonville Oregon Real Estate
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With an average selling price of $329,500, Wilsonville homes remain among the most highly valued in the region. Our backlog of housing recently jumped by nearly a month. At the current rate of home sales, we would now ‘run out of homes’ in 4.1 months.

Wilsonville Oregon Wilsonville Homes Wilsonville Real Estate Wilsonville Properties
Home Inventory Increases

Read the complete recent Wilsonville homes report here and make sure to check out page #2 for the latest on prices, market times and other helpful real estate information on your local town or neighborhood.

Wilsonville Homes Wilsonville Oregon Wilsonville Real Estate
Regional Home Price Chart

Thinking about selling your Wilsonville home? Contact Wilsonville’s own Certified Realty, using the convenient contact form below for a FREE report on what your property could sell for in today’s market. Certified Realty is Oregon’s choice since 1950 and a WilsonvilleHomes.com sponsor.

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