Wilsonville Aquatic Center On The Horizon?

Within the past year, the issue of a Wilsonville, Oregon aquatic center was deemed newsworthy as noted in this local article.

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Wilsonville Residents May Be Getting An Aquatic Center!

To many, a Wilsonville swimming pool remains an important goal and just last month the Recreation and Aquatics Center Task Force began their work. They are in the process of studying the need and  feasibility to build and operate an aquatic center here in Wilsonville. 

Wilsonville Homes Wilsonville Real Estate
Aquatic Center

Here is a recent update by Wilsonville’s Parks and Recreation Director Stan Sherer:

The City has selected an architectural consulting firm to conduct an economic feasibility study for a Recreation and Aquatic Center. The firm selected is the Sports Facility Advisory Group who will partner with the Councilman/Hunsaker Aquatic Group. The process will take just over four months to complete.

Several task force meetings and  other community outreach efforts will be an integral part of the process.  Your input in regards to the project is welcomed and essential to identifying a plan that works for Wilsonville.

Wilsonville Homes
A Wilsonville Aquatic Center May Be On The Drawing Board

By late July, the task force is expected to present their finding to the Wilsonville City Council. Future public meetings are expected. 


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