2018 Wilsonville Real Estate Forecast

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Is Wilsonville In Store for a 2018 Market ‘Sea Change?’

If you’ve been considering the sale of your Wilsonville, Oregon home, 2018 could be the year to do it. That’s because some forecasters sense a possible change in our real estate climate. 

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Whether temporary or not, recent multiple listing information appears to suggest that for now, our region may have reached peak price performance.

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Regional Home Price Chart

Wilsonville’s Good News & Bad News
Good news: Our area’s average home price was up last year by 7.7%
Bad news: Wilsonville area home sales changed last year by -4.3%

Naturally, these figures don’t guarantee Wilsonville’s 2018 real estate performance. This year it’s possible prices could rise. It’s also possible prices could fall.

Lock, Stock & Barrel
Buying low and selling high is a good way to ‘lock in’ profit. Added bonuses for now include our current low competing home inventory, plus attractive interest rates.

Wilsonville Home, Wilsonville Real Estate, Wilsonville Homeseller, Wilsonville Homeselling, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Real Estate
Low Inventory=Strong Seller’s Market

Better Than Average
What has helped to drive prices up has been a home shortage. An ‘average’ real estate market is frequently cited as having 3 to 6 months of house supply. At that level, neither buyers or sellers dominate. Our most recent regional housing level remains low. At 1.6 months of housing supply, that’s roughly half of what’s considered a low average figure. As a result, our ‘seller’s market’ right now is especially strong. But like the weather, that can change.

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What Are You Waiting For?
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