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Recent information on our local Wilsonville real estate market is now available. With school beginning as we move toward Autumn, it’s reasonable to expect a somewhat less robust pace of home sales.

Many, though certainly not all, 2014 buyers have bought their home by now. This brings “empty-nesters,” relocating transferees, singles, and young families to the forefront as a bigger slice of the buyer pool for the remainder of the year. For sellers, Autumn can bring more motivated buyers with less competition from other home sellers, when compared to Spring.

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The average time on the market for a Wilsonville home is now 110 days. This compares to the most recent figure of 93 days for greater Portland.


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An Intarsia in Wilsonville?

First, you’re probably wondering “What’s an intarsia?”  

An intarsia is a decorative wood mosaic.  The intarsia at our Wilsonville Library is thought to be the world’s largest!   There’s an interesting story behind it, too.


The Wilsonville Library notes their intarsia is called “Wilsonville Circa 1910.” Measuring 17 feet long by 8 feet wide, it contains more than 5,000 pieces of wood. No paint or stain was used—the colors seen are the actual hues of the 57 different wood varieties from around the world that were used in the creation of this masterpiece. 

The intarsia was modeled on a sketch by local artist Barbara Sutton, who in turn used historic photographs of the area.  The transformation of the sketch to finished artwork was accomplished by a group of 10 artisans who worked on it for a full year. from November, 2002 to October 2003. These talented woodworkers were all a part of a vocational program at the Oregon State Correctional Institution in Salem, Oregon.

There is a small display near the Director’s office detailing the intarsia’s construction and installation. The intarsia was commissioned and purchased by the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation entirely without the use of public funding.