Wilsonville Home Price Report

The latest report on regional home sales was just released. The good news continues, as it reveals a housing market gaining strength. And while our inventory of homes has increased a bit, we still remain in what many consider a ‘seller’s market’ where competition among buyers is keen.

The average regional home sale price is now $310,000, up 13.9% over the past year. The new report also includes statistics on many nearby communities.  As you might expect, Wilsonville’s figures are unique, like other metro area towns.

Wilsonville area homes now average a selling price of $315,700. This is an increase of 9.8% over the past year. The average market time is now 78 days.  Click here for the complete FREE report, with specific information on Wilsonville area home prices in column 151, on page 2.

Wilsonville Home Prices
Regional Home Price Chart

Oregon Real Estate Update

Fun upcoming events and surprising local housing facts are found in the latest free edition of the Oregon Real Estate Update.

Home Prices
For example, the average Wilsonville area home price is now up 8.8% to $315,700. The average Salem area home price is $187,900, up 10.7% from last year and the average Portland area home price is now $309,200, up 14.1% from last year.

Total Market Times Vary
Just as interesting is how long it takes for a house to sell. The average in the Portland metro area is about two months. The total average market time around Salem is closer to four months.

Local Fun, Too
Also included are interesting Autumn activities for the entire family. Find out all the details in this latest free edition of the Oregon Real Estate Update here.

Wilsonville Real Estate
The Willamette River passes through Wilsonville, Portland & Salem

Wilsonville, Oregon Real Estate Update

New figures on Wilsonville, Oregon real estate have just been released.

The average selling price for a Wilsonville home is now $349,000. Curious how long it takes for the average Wilsonville home to sell? Find out here, along with the complete report.

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New Wilsonville Housing Statistics

Fresh information on our Wilsonville real estate market is now available.

View the full Wilsonville real estate report here, which includes the average selling price for a Wilsonville home, along with how long on average it takes for Wilsonville homes to sell.

Kids enjoying one of Wilsonville’s fun waterparks.

Average Wilsonville Home Sale: $350,000

A new report reveals the average selling price of a Wilsonville, Oregon home is now $350,000.

For detailed information about our Wilsonville real estate market, including how long local homes are taking to sell, click here.