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Wilsonville Winner!

Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Real EstateThis impressive Craftsman style home in an excellent Wilsonville neighborhood is listed at $515,000.

Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Real Estate

Features include an open concept on main floor with high ceilings, spacious island kitchen with granite counters, pantry, eating bar, gas range and all stainless steel appliances included.

Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Real Estate

Master bedroom has spacious walk-in closet & master bath with dual sinks, soaking tub, tile floors & counters.

Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Real Estate

95% efficiency gas furnace, central air conditioning, nest thermostat & doorbell, tankless water heater, in-ground sprinkler system, fiber cement siding, more.

Wilsonville Home, Wilsonville Real Estate, 97070, Wilsonville Oregon, Clackamas County Real Estate
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Stressbusting Tips for Wilsonville Home Sellers & Buyers

Did you know the profession of real estate agent consistently ranks as one of the most stressful occupations? Yet, some Realtors seemingly deal with stress as if their work is a breeze. Ever wonder what their secret is?

Oregon Real Estate
Without Preventative Maintenance, Burnout Is Likely

What is it that causes some real estate agents to ‘burn out?’  And as a homebuyer or seller, is overwhelming stress inevitable when buying or selling a home? Are there unique factors that make real estate transactions worse than other stressors? 
In the sometimes fast-paced world of real estate, how do well-balanced real estate agents perform their profession at a high level without burning the proverbial candle at both ends? 

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A Balanced Realtor is a Better Realtor

Clients Get Stressed, Too
It’s not only Realtors who deal with stress. Consider buyers and sellers, who don’t have the experience and knowledge that agents have developed due to professional day-to-day experience.  Given that home buyers and sellers are directly involved in an up-close manner, having less experience along with a ‘high stakes’ scenario can significantly exacerbate stress during a real estate transaction.

Before taking the leap to buy or sell, are there specific actions you can take in order to select a balanced agent who will work with you and not against you, if the real estate road gets bumpy? Also, are there warning signs to avoid a ‘stressed out’ Realtor? As this article cites, emotions like stress can even be contagious! After all, buying or selling a home is already stressful enough without feeling the heat from an expert who is supposed to make the task easier, not harder.

Oregon Real Estate Podcast
Realtor Stress is Well Documented

And is there something homebuyers and homesellers can learn about defusing stress using tips from real estate professionals who work daily ‘in the trenches’ while handling  potentially stress-riddled transactions? 

Find out today by clicking here or on the link above!

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Balance Is Helpful When Dealing With ‘High Stakes’ Situations

A Question of Balance
What is balance? For some, including real estate agents, balance is a healthy response to work and other potential stresses that allows high performance in each area of life. Today we’ll go through some approaches to achieving balance. It’s also helpful to understand that knowing and identifying balance can help you both in your day to day life…and also when selecting a Realtor. That’s because most homebuyers and homesellers don’t want a ‘pressure-cooker’ atmosphere, which is sometimes the situation when either they and/or their agent don’t handle challenging real estate situations adequately.

The 10 Most Stressful Jobs 
Reports like this analyze the stress level of various professions. Included are real estate agents, along with firefighters, commercial pilots, surgeons and police officers.

Oregon Real Estate Podcast
Realtors & Surgeons Have Stress In Common

Real Estate Stressful?
Real estate may not be grasped as ‘high stakes’ by some, especially when compared to certain lifesaving professions like firefighting, police work or surgery. But regardless of how much stress is involved in other vocations, there is one thing the buying and selling of homes often is…and that’s ‘high stakes.’

High stakes could be described as the difference between walking on a string across your living room and walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. The difference between those two scenarios is downside risk. Slip up in your living room and it’s no big deal. However, a house is typically the single largest investment most people have. So slipping up a real estate transaction can involve thousands of dollars—or even considerably more.

Real Estate is Far More Enjoyable Without Tragic Events

The Many Faces of Real Estate
On top of dealing with ‘high stakes,’ a primary task of Realtors is working with homebuyers and sellers who frequently have disparate personality types. On top of that, real estate agents are often asked to operate under urgent, time-sensitive scenarios. And that’s just the ‘people part’ of the business. In addition, real estate agents must deal with a myriad of zoning laws, multiple listing guidelines, real estate agency rules and housing regulations. Then add sometimes surprising home inspection results, plus frequently unpredictable appraisals and lender guidelines. Then you can understand the multi-faceted nature of challenges Realtors must face daily.

Oregon Real Estate Podcast
Avoiding Burnout is Challenging in High Stress Professions

The Challenge: Beyond Coping
Coping skills are methods useful when dealing with stressful situations. Most importantly, good coping skills make for good mental health wellness. Rather than gritting your teeth to help tolerate a home transaction, an even more favorable option is to actually enjoy life while dealing and hopefully defusing such potential stress. Some people are good at this. Perhaps they thrive on the challenge, or prefer to see obstacles as a kind of ‘game’ as a mental exercise, or in order to prove ‘what they’re made of.’ Any one of these approaches can be effective. What follows are some tactics in your strategy to better handle the potentially stressful activity that Realtors deal with daily, namely the high stakes purchase and sale of real estate.

Oregon Real Estate
Inanimate Objects Like Homes Can Involve Great Stress

The Empathy Factor
One of the best kinds of agents to work with could be one who has empathy. In other words find a Realtor who understands your cares, wants and needs. While closing off these thoughts is one way to soldier through a transaction, believe it or not, Realtors are not always able to read your mind!

Why Are Realtors Stressed?
Real estate agents work with the general public under what are frequently stressful conditions. Buying or selling a home, applying for a mortgage, appraisals, home inspections all add to the stress for home buyers and sellers.  Yet Realtor pressures you may not have considered include constant communication (sometimes very late at night), dealing with certain clients unwilling to work within market realities (like demanding an interest rate 2 or 3 points below what’s available), along with patently unrealistic expectations, such as plans to sell a million dollar house for two million.

Oregon Real Estate Podcast
Disorganization often leaves clues

Signs of a Disorganized Real Estate Agent
Doesn’t return phone calls/texts/emails within a reasonable timeframe
Misses scheduled appointments
Can’t answer fundamental real estate questions
Appears pre-occupied
Talks more about himself/herself than your needs
Lacks key knowledge on your home’s marketing results and/or
Lacks key knowledge on market statistics, i.e., home inventory
Has little time awareness

Oregon Real Estate Podcast
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

What You Can Learn From Successful Realtors
So what are some approaches successful real estate agents use to reduce stress? There are many, but here are a few to consider.

Oregon Real Estate
Let’s Get Physical
‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ is a Latin phrase, usually translated as ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body.’ The phrase is widely used in sporting and educational contexts to express the theory that physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological well-being. This is reinforced by what we now know about the effect of endorphins, hormones secreted after a workout with an analgesic, or pain-killing effect. So in addition to the mental satisfaction of knowing you’ve completed a good work out, there is a physiological component, as well. So physical exercise is one component of stress relief. As a result, consider maintaining a regular workout regimen, even scheduling it multiple days into your weekly routine.

A Few Additional Tips
Have a ‘big picture’ perspective, since your transaction has an endpoint.
Focus on the goal, while paying attention to the process to get there.
Manage expectations.
Don’t spread yourself thin by over-committing.
Budget your time and energy.
Understand that life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
Avoid negative people, as appropriate.
Try not to take troubles home.
Find ways to recharge (mind, body, soul), including religious faith.
Loose yourself from the financial stress of debt.
Work toward healthy relationships.
Reward yourself by taking real vacations.
Exercise. You’ll feel better, sleep better and look better.
Need motivation? Find your joy and pursue it.
Replace anything negative with positive action and habits.

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The Importance of Communication
As strange as it may seem, communicating better with others can significantly reduce stress. That’s due in part because improved communication helps to reduce the unknown, which sometimes can feed stress. For example, over many years, I’ve realized that even if there isn’t a great deal of new information to report, my homebuyer and homeseller clients appreciate being kept in the communications ‘loop,’ despite few changes since my last update. Otherwise some clients may rightfully assume there could otherwise be a problem they don’t yet know about.

Oregon Real Estate Podcast

Win Friends
The best-selling book ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ is considered a classic and for good reason. It contains helpful methods for dealing with people, a source of stress for some.  Some insist that Dale Carnegie’s book is less about winning friends or influencing people, but more about being a better person. 
Sayings there include “Avoid the acute angle,” meaning don’t be needlessly disagreeable. Other suggestions include:

Admit when you’re wrong.
Start in a friendly manner.
Show respect for the opinions of others.
ry to see the other person’s point of view.
Avoid negativity. 

Oregon Real Estate Podcast
The Benefits of Stress Reduction Are Worthwhile & Life Giving

Realtor, Heal Thyself
One other solution when you’re about to buy or sell a home? Hire a Realtor with life balance to handle your transaction effectively. Few prefer to be healed by a sick physician, or receive assistance by an ‘out of kilter’ real estate agent.

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2018 Wilsonville Real Estate Forecast

Wilsonville Real Estate, Home Seller Wilsonville
Is Wilsonville In Store for a 2018 Market ‘Sea Change?’

If you’ve been considering the sale of your Wilsonville, Oregon home, 2018 could be the year to do it. That’s because some forecasters sense a possible change in our real estate climate. 

Wilsonville Oregon
Click Image for Details

Whether temporary or not, recent multiple listing information appears to suggest that for now, our region may have reached peak price performance.

Wilsonville, Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Homeselling
Regional Home Price Chart

Wilsonville’s Good News & Bad News
Good news: Our area’s average home price was up last year by 7.7%
Bad news: Wilsonville area home sales changed last year by -4.3%

Naturally, these figures don’t guarantee Wilsonville’s 2018 real estate performance. This year it’s possible prices could rise. It’s also possible prices could fall.

Lock, Stock & Barrel
Buying low and selling high is a good way to ‘lock in’ profit. Added bonuses for now include our current low competing home inventory, plus attractive interest rates.

Wilsonville Home, Wilsonville Real Estate, Wilsonville Homeseller, Wilsonville Homeselling, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Real Estate
Low Inventory=Strong Seller’s Market

Better Than Average
What has helped to drive prices up has been a home shortage. An ‘average’ real estate market is frequently cited as having 3 to 6 months of house supply. At that level, neither buyers or sellers dominate. Our most recent regional housing level remains low. At 1.6 months of housing supply, that’s roughly half of what’s considered a low average figure. As a result, our ‘seller’s market’ right now is especially strong. But like the weather, that can change.

Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Homes
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Wilsonville, Oregon Real Estate News

Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Oregon
Area Home Prices Have Climbed For More Than Five Years

New figures from the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) are now available on our greater Wilsonville housing market, as the positive trend continues. Read the full Portland metro area real estate report here, with key area market information highlighted below.

Regional Home Supply is at 2.3 Months, a ‘Seller’s Market’

Inventory A Factor
A low supply of available homes continues to drive prices higher. That’s because a market inventory of between three and six months is considered a ‘normal’ housing backlog. For more than two years, our regional home supply has been below three months.

Wilsonville Oregon
Wilsonville Area Home Statistics – Click Image to Enlarge

Wilsonville Homes By The Numbers
These new numbers reveal home prices around Wilsonville are up 6.3% over the past year. The average home sale market time for our area is now 30 days. The average selling price so far this year is $431,400, with the most recent Wilsonville area monthly average home sale price coming in at $434,600.

Wilsonville Oregon

If you’ve considered the sale of your Wilsonville area home, taking advantage of our present ‘seller’s market’ could be a smart move. Contact our WilsonvilleHomes.com sponsor, Wilsonville’s own Certified Realty using the form below for a free consultation, or call 503-682-1083.

Just Listed: Affordable Wilsonville One-Level!

Wilsonville Home
Street View

This just-listed one-level home is located in Wilsonville’s desirable Courtside Estates neighborhood.

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Front Door View

Conveniently located to stores, parks and public transportation, this home is priced to sell at $349,900.

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Family Room Includes Carpet, Laminate Floors, Dual Ceiling Fans & Patio Access

This 4 bedroom/2 bathroom home features a spacious, nearly 1/4 acre corner lot, with a big fenced backyard and patio area, too.

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Gleaming Laminate Living Room Floors

Appliances include refrigerator, range, built-in dishwasher, disposal, plus a newer washer & dryer.

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Light & Bright Kitchen Includes Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Range & Disposal

Laminate flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, plus vinyl flooring in the kitchen.

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Cheery Utility Room Includes Newer Washer & Dryer

Click here for the full color flyer.

For more information and your own personal tour, call Roy with Certified Realty at 503-682-1083, or use the convenient contact form below.

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Backyard Patio

Wilsonville Home for Sale
Backyard Bonus Pad

Wilsonville Real Estate Market Update

Wilsonville, Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Real Estate, Wilsonville Homeseller

New figures from the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) are now available on our greater Wilsonville housing market, as the positive trend continues. Read the full Portland metro area real estate report here, with Wilsonville area market information highlighted below.

Wilsonville, Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Real Estate, Wilsonville Homeseller

Inventory A Factor
A low supply of available homes continues to drive prices higher. That’s because a market inventory of between three and six months is considered a ‘normal’ housing backlog. For more than two years, our regional home supply has been below three months.

Wilsonville, Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Real Estate, Wilsonville Homeseller
Click Above Image to Enlarge

Wilsonville Homes By The Numbers
These new numbers reveal home prices around Wilsonville are up 6.7% over the past year. The average home sale market time for our area is now 30 days. The average selling price so far this year is $412,400, with the most recent monthly average home sale price coming in at $434,400.

Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Real Estate

If you’ve considered the sale of your Wilsonville area home, taking advantage of our present ‘seller’s market’ could be a smart move. Contact our WilsonvilleHomes.com sponsor, Wilsonville’s own Certified Realty using the form below for a free consultation, or call 503-682-1083.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell A Wilsonville Home?

Wilsonville Oregon, Wilsonville Homes, Wilsonville Real Estate

A common question is ‘How much does it cost to sell my Wilsonville home?’

The answer is typically ‘it depends,’ due to some important factors. Find out more in this helpful podcast episode about local homeselling here, or click on the play button below.

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Can I Trust My Wilsonville Realtor?

Most Realtors Are Thankfully Law Abiding
Before entering into a business relationship, it’s helpful to know your real estate agent is nice, patient, available when needed…and honest. So while many of us assume we’re ‘safe’ in the hands of our doctor, attorney or pastor, what about your Wilsonville Realtor? For the audio format of this presentation, find out more here, or use the player below.

Due Diligence
Sadly, as seen in this news report, not all real estate agents are trustworthy. However, some preliminary work has already been performed by the state of Oregon confirming a real estate agent is sufficiently trustworthy to work with the public. These include a state screening, which involves a criminal background check, fingerprinting and mug shot.  This data is submitted for review by the Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA), which also provides regular updates about investigations in their insightful publication Oregon Real Estate Agency News Journal.  

Robber John Dillinger Proved Crooks Wear Ties
Of special note is the OREA ‘Administrative Action’ section, which provides information about decisions regarding Oregon real estate violations. The resulting consequences to untrustworthy real estate agents could include a reprimand, license suspension, license revocation and/or a civil penalty. So while no screening process is foolproof (as witnessed by crimes committed by doctors, attorneys and other professionals), the state of Oregon does considerable due diligence to vet real estate agents.

As part of the application process to become an Oregon real estate agent, any felony and misdemeanor convictions and arrests must be disclosed. The disclosure requirement is fairly high, because in addition to any criminal activity, also requiring disclosure are any administrative proceedings, plus civil and even financial issues. For example, if a prospective Oregon real estate agent has an unsatisfied judgment or bankruptcy, each must be disclosed.

Whom Can You Trust?
A Matter of Trust
Trust is an important factor when buying or selling real estate. Thankfully, trusting your Wilsonville Realtor is not super risky. That’s because consumer surveys consistently reflect a high level of satisfaction with Realtor performance.  One study by Forbes magazine revealed 96% satisfaction for the real estate industry. So if many real estate agents were dishonest, we could expect that figure to be much lower. 

This doesn’t mean blindly signing off on every suggestion one receives from their Realtor. But obsessively hand wringing over transaction minutiae is one sure way to make the process less enjoyable. A recommended approach is for Wilsonville homebuyers and homesellers to carefully read all documents, ask plenty of questions and work with a recommended professional with a solid track record. 

Trust For Homesellers
Looking at trust from a seller’s perspective, for starters there’s significant trust needed to deal with buyers. For instance, trust is needed to allow strangers in your house. There’s also trust in taking your property off the market, in the hope a sale will go through. And trust in finding a replacement home.

Trust For Homebuyers
Trust is needed for homebuyers, too. Trust is necessary in working with a lender and that the discomfort of prequalifying will be worthwhile. Trust they’ll find a home they like and can afford. Trust their lender will come through.


Trust For Both Homebuyers & Homesellers
So what do homebuyers and homesellers share in common? Trust. And there is perhaps no greater trust that Wilsonville homebuyers and sellers have in common than in their Realtor.

After all, your Wilsonville Realtor is someone you expect to be there to help navigate your way through what is frequently the largest financial transaction of a lifetime. Similar to an attorney or priest, Realtors are expected to keep confidences.

But let’s first look at a few situations which underscore why it’s important to be able to trust your real estate agent.

  1. Trusting your Realtor means you don’t have to second guess suggestions you receive. Let’s take pricing your home, for example. If you can’t trust your agent to provide meaningful comparable home activity information, how can you possibly expect him or her to advise you once an offer comes in?
  2. Trusting your Realtor means you can breathe easier with less stress. Buying or selling a home is considered to be a particularly stressful activity. In addition, most homebuyers and homesellers don’t want to take on real estate as a second job, especially when making a house move. So expect that by having your bases well-covered by a professional you can believe, you’ll find the entire process far less taxing. If a Realtor is ‘pushy’ and won’t listen to your concerns, it’s likely a good time to find a new one.
  3. Trusting your Realtor means you can access his or her reliable resources.
    Speaking of taxing, if you need recommendations for an experienced 1031 tax exchange professional, or real estate attorney, or home inspector, or mortgage lender, or home repair contractor, expect those recommendations to be even more valuable from a trustworthy agent. 
  4. Trusting your Realtor means you can focus. There’s usually enough to deal with throughout the course of any real estate transaction. Dealing with lenders, appraisers, inspectors, contractors, title companies and the like can be overwhelming. As a result, you’re more likely to be far more effective if you can concentrate on what you’re best at, while having your real estate agent handle what he or she is best at.
  5. Trusting your Realtor means more time. Just like you can expect to have more time to go fishing if you hire a contractor to build your new deck, working with a trustworthy real estate agent allows you to do other, more enjoyable tasks than scheduling a home inspection, constantly dealing with escrow details, or meeting an appraiser.     

Chemical Equation for the Explosive Called TNT
Relationship Chemistry
Trust is easier when there is good ‘chemistry’ between a Realtor and their clients. When seeking an agent to refer for out of area homebuyers or homesellers, there are many things I can readily confirm. These include an agent’s years in business, designations earned, coverage area, plus areas of specialty like homes, farms or commercial property. 

As a result, I’m frequently able to locate a very good Realtor to ‘match’ with an out of state homebuyer or seller and it’s not always difficult.  That said, the one challenging element to know with certainty is the ‘chemistry’ that even a highly qualified, out-of-area Realtor will have with a new client.

People are different and that includes real estate agents. Most times relationships work out swimmingly with the referred agent. On rare occasions, it doesn’t work out. But going in and at least on paper, the homebuyer or homeseller who interviews a previously unknown, yet vetted Realtor, knows the agent is qualified and experienced, along with some important other facts about him or her. Plus, knowing these facts up front is typically less risky than taking a ‘shot in the dark’ with an unknown agent.


Does The Company Matter?
Because agents are independent contractors, the individual Realtor is who typically matters most. After all, you don’t expect a faceless corporation to answer your late night question, or go over the details of your settlement statement. For example, I don’t care that much about what hospital I go to, but I want to have a say in the surgeon who will do the operating. Similarly, it’s the individual agent who is in a position to make the most difference, whether from a small or large office. However, longevity of a real estate firm can be helpful in determining that they are probably doing something right.  So if a company you’re considering has been in existence for half a century or more, they’re likely not a ‘fly by night’ outfit.  


Alternative Agent Finding Methods
One of the ‘dirty little secrets’ about real estate online or via magazines is that they’re paid ads. Realtors frequently buy what are known as ‘leads’ online. Examples include Zillow and even Realtor.com. Sometimes this is done by the agent buying incoming inquiries regarding a specific zip code. Sometimes, the agent pays for better placement on a real estate website page in order to stand out.

If you decide to use a magazine or the Internet to locate an agent, it may be best to consider that as a first step of information gathering. Promotional materials can be misleading and if carefully crafted, can leave out a lot of important information. For example, if an agent is brand new, he or she may focus on how many agents their company employs, personal community involvement like donations to charity, or sponsorships. While these may be nice facts, they may not have a lot to do with the agent’s proficiency, professionalism, or trustworthiness. 

Referrals Are Built on Trust
One good way to find a trustworthy Realtor is to ask people you trust and get a referral. The ‘proof is in the pudding,’ so if your friend or family member is happy with a specific real estate agent, there’s a good chance for a similar repeat performance.

What Color Hat Does Your Realtor Wear?
White Hat or Black Hat?
One area where certain real estate agents are sometimes revealed to be wearing either a ‘white hat’ or ‘black hat’ is in the area known as ‘dual agency’ or ‘disclosed limited agency.’ This is a situation when an agent with a listed property also works with the buyer. To be clear, most Realtors are aboveboard and honest, continually looking out for their client’s best interests.

That said, the challenge to some agents comes when the agent attempts to ‘elbow aside’ other buyers, their agents and/or offers, in order to push his or her offer through. Why on earth would a Realtor push hard to get their offer accepted, since it’s all about simply selling the house, isn’t it? Not exactly. That’s because if the listing Realtor also sells your home, they typically get paid more.

Agency Pamphlet
Dual agency is well known as a potential minefield among ethically challenged agents and as a result, the State of Oregon, National Association of Realtors and Oregon Association of Realtors all have rules in place to help prevent its abuse.


Dueling with Dual Agency
In Realtor circles, the topic of dual agency has proponents and detractors. As a result, don’t expect every real estate agent you run into to have the same opinion. In reality, dual agency can be a very good thing, as seen in our previous article titled “5 ‘Insider Oregon Real Estate Tips.’ There, the topic Having A ‘Double Agent’ Can Be A Good Thing ranks as item #1  out of the five items listed. The advantages to having an agent on both sides of a real estate transaction are clear.

The result, good or bad, can significantly depend on your agent’s trustworthiness. For example, hurriedly accepting the first offer can work out. That’s because sometimes the first offer is the best offer. Alternatively, acting without as much available information as possible sometimes comes at significant expense to the seller, who may be urged to quickly accept the offer their listing (seller’s) agent has written. The problem is that the listing Realtor can be expected to reasonably know how much activity there is on the property for sale. Again, trust is key here.

Plus, given the amount of agent and buyer activity, along with the quality of inquiries (such as highly motivated, qualified buyers), the seller’s Realtor may have even heard comments from other agents about possible future offers. So by pushing his or her own offer, is the listing Realtor providing the seller with all known information in order to truly serve the seller’s best interest? Sometimes the only person to seemingly know the answer is the listing agent. This Harvard Business Review article notes why this can be a problem:

“Take cheating. Claremont McKenna psychologist Piercarlo Valdesolo and I have conducted many experiments on the topic, and one surprising (if disheartening) result we have found, time and again, is that 90% of people—most of whom identify themselves as morally upstanding—will act dishonestly to benefit themselves if they believe they won’t get caught. Why? Anonymity means no long-term cost will be exacted. Even more startling is the fact that most of those who cheat also refuse to characterize their actions as untrustworthy; they rationalize their behavior even while condemning the same in others…”

More than once, an honest real estate agent working with a highly qualified and motivated buyer has inquired about a property, even written up that buyer’s offer, only to have the listing agent hurriedly put together his or her own offer and submit it to the seller in order to ‘tie up’ the property (and presumably make more money), before other offers can be considered. It’s a fact of the real estate business and as a result, unethical agents develop a reputation and are often viewed warily by others in the business.


The ‘Commission Effect’
If all these elements don’t sufficiently complicate the task of finding a trustworthy Realtor, there is also a phenomenon you might call the ‘commission effect.’ This is outlined in a previous article titled ‘5 little Known Realtor Insider Tips:’ Realtors Can Calculate Their Paycheck by Viewing a Property Listing Sheet. This means that for agents truly focused on maximizing their payday, you might expect them to guide you toward homes that pay a higher commission structure. However, the listing sheet is typically only seen by multiple listing members. Thankfully, most Realtors simply don’t do business in this manner.


The Bottom Line
President Ronald Reagan sometimes used the term ‘Trust, but verify’ during his high level negotiations. This old Russian proverb could be a  helpful approach to grant you peace of mind in finding a trustworthy agent for your next real estate transaction. Do your research and ask family and friends for Realtor references. Be open and honest, then make your best decision based on relevant, reliable information for your situation.  

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